Tongue and Lip Releases with CO2 Laser

Tongue and Lip Releases with CO2 Laser


Dr. Barlow is the sole dentist performing tongue and lip releases on infants and children at Northshore Pediatric Dentistry. She is an active member of the American Laser Study club and has completed over 40 hours of Continuing Education training in tongue and lip releases with the Light Scalpel Laser, specifically related to infants and young children. She has completed hundreds of releases in the clinic and continuously gets positive results. The Light Scalpel is a state of the art CO2 laser that allows Dr. Barlow to perform releases efficiently, with minimal bleeding, with minimal discomfort and beautiful wound healing.


Dr. Barlow decided to incorporate tongue and lip releases into the practice because she struggled with nursing her own children. She would like to help and support any postpartum mother going through a similar situation.

Everyone has a tongue and/or lip tie, it is when the tied tissue restricts proper movement and function that it needs to be addressed.


Dr. Barlow takes a team approach to releases and has a supportive community of providers to ensure your infant or child's release gets the best possible outcome. These providers include IBCLCs, Speech and Language Pathologists, Chiropractors who specialize in infants and children, Speech Therapists, and Occupational Therapists. Depending on the symptoms your child exhibits will depend on which additional providers your infant or child will be referred to.


If your child is struggling with nursing, bottle feeding, solid feeding, speech, sleeping or periodontal problems please call to schedule a consultation.